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killer speaks

If you have ever been in a creative writing class with me or just know me, you wouldn’t be that surprised that I chose to watch the documentary The Killer Speaks. I don’t want to freak anyone out I don’t watch these to get ideas, I watch them because it’s intriguing to find out why these people are the way they are. I don’t agree with our society making these killers famous by having a story on thembecause that makes them probably feel better. But because our society does this it interests me to know these people’s backstory and what kind of monster they are. Unfortunately, I am sitting in bed scared out of my mind thinking someone is going to come through my door and end my life, BUT instead of stopping at one episode I went to the next one which was even worse.


So I am not going to show any pictures of these two men I just learned about because they don’t deserve to be shown in my post. I also am not going to go into their story because 1) I don’t want to scare you. 2) They once againdo not deserve it.

In the reading it says the Griersonian documentaries “dealt with impersonal social processes, fused by a “commentary” that articulated a point of view.” While watching this documentary, these killers were extremely impersonal. When you watched them talk about what they have done their was a blank stare. These men had their own point of view with what happened and why ithappened. Of course none of these reasonings made sense for what they did. Documentaries give people the opportunity to say and do what they want.

With my last blog post about The Secret I also talked about how their point of view could be different from what others think, but because this type of filmmaking is based off of opinion, anything goes. People may find The Killer Speaks absolutely disgusting and how dare it be a show/documentary, but seeing raw footage and hearing true stories like this is what film should be about. For me, movies based on real life events are something that should always be popular in the movie industry.

This documentary doesn’t onlyhave an interview with the killer but also the people that were effected by their crimes. You get to seeboth sides of the story and you get to see pictures from the crime scenes. I do not at all sympathize for these LOSERS but I feel it makes this documentary stronger by hearing both sides of the story.

So if you want to be in your bed like this….


Check out this documentary because it will scare you, but you will also see how addicting it is and how interesting it is.


Cheat Sheet for a Happy Life

It is all about the Law of Attraction. If you THINK negatively, you will have a bad day. if you THINK positively, you will have a great day. It is all about what kind of vibe you give off to the world. the secretThe documentary I watched was called The Secret. I have seen this book everywhere and I always wondered what it was about so when it was on Netflix I had to watch it! Iam really glad I did. This documentary explained what the secret was, which is how to bring happiness into your life to make it fulfilling. The talking heads were men and women who had different kind of jobs and explained how this secret has worked for them or for people that they know.

Even though I thought this was an awesome outlook to life and how it can help people to bring happiness into their lives, a lot of how it was formatted seemed extremely cheesy. For instance when they were explaining a situation where a man broke his back and was put on a respirator and said he wouldn’t be able to breath on his own but did, the re-enactment was stupid. It was hard not to roll your eyes and think how lame that scene was.

BUT this documentary didmake me feel better by the end. I mean after watching it, I was amazed at how your negative thoughts can effect you in such a bad way.


This quote ^ is used in this documentary as well as other ones that help the viewer understand what the talking heads are referring to which I really enjoyed. I likehow this documentary interacted with the viewer by having people talking, quotes by famous people, music and real life stories.

While reading our documentary book a quote that was said really stood out to me. “The camera is yours, the microphone is yours,” this is very true for documentaries and this is also why I enjoy these type of films. I like hearing different opinions that make me think differently because it makes me more knowledgable as well as more open minded. InThe Secret these interviewee’s had such an amazing outlook on life. Statistically we have over 40,000 thoughts per day. CRAZY. But in this documentary they are trying to give you tools to make sure the majority amount of those thoughts are more positive than negative. These interviewee’s say don’t feel bad for yourself because those bad things that happen to you are happening because you bring it on yourself. Now right away this comment caught me off guard because certain things like cancer for example is horrible to say you brought on yourself. But I do agree with if you feel bad for yourself because you are sick you are not giving yourself a chance to get better. But being opinionated in documentaries make it raw and is really intriguing!

In the reading Nichols says that documentaries are the “experimental film.” I would agree with him. These type of films are open to explore anything that they want. Everyone has opinions, so many different aspects of one thing can be explored in a documentary. A viewer can walk away with having different views than they did before or have a more concrete reasoning as to why their opinion is correct. These films give people opportunities to be more knowledge about the world without having to force anything because they get to choose which documentaries they want to watch.

At the end of the day we have the power to be who wewant to be. So trust me if you need a boost to be motivated or to change your negative thoughts into positive ones, check this documentary out!!! I swear it is extremely interesting.



Big Shot – Documentary


If you love hockey as much as I do then definitely check this documentary out! It is about John Spano who “owned” the Islanders for about four months before the NHL found out he was a fraud. And I am putting owned in quotes because it wasn’t exactly his, but he said he could make any decisions he wanted to and was treated like the owner.


John Spano- (Doesn’t he look just so creepy!)BIG SHOT


If you know hockey, you know that Islander fans are extremely loyal. When they heard Spano was going to be the new owner, everyone had hope that the team would become better and things would start changing. This documentary had a lot of interviews with Spano, his friends, the Islanders management and local reporters who covered this story.

Also the guy talking to Spano was Kevin Connolly who was also the narrator throughout the whole documentary.  connolly

What I found really coolabout this documentary was being able to hear Spano’s interview because you got full access to the whole story. For example, he used the Islanders money to go on private jets, stay at expensive hotels and he said he liked living in the “fast lane.” Spano created fake letters from banks telling the Islanders that he had enough money to by the team. He also just walked into a bank and asked for an $80 million loan…wait for it…AND HE GOT IT. No questions asked. For four months Spano told management that he was getting the money, but that it was tied up in other places making it a little difficult to get it right away. For some reason they let him get away with this for awhile until realizing what he was actually doing. People were shocked when they found out what was going on and Spano got charged with fraud and was sent to jail for a few years AND THEN he was sent back to jail because after he opened up his new company he started taking his clients money. IDIOT.

^ If you are curious about this case just as I was, here is an article from 2013 about it!

Documentary Class

The documentary I chose to watch was “Midnight Movies From the Margin to the Mainstream.” It talked about six movies including, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Night of the Living Dead, The Harder They Come, Pink Flamingos, Eraserhead and El Topo. This documentary talks about how these midnight movies created a whole new kind of cinema. These movies broke boundaries because of their type of humor and outrageous story lines they possessed. People started to become big fans of these midnight movies, which created huge fan bases especially for Rocky Horror Picture Show. The directors for each film had their own vision and without worrying about what society would say about it, they made the films more for themselves. Midnight movies then started to slowly diminish because of VHS’s where people could watch movies at home, which seemed more appealing. Still today these movies establish the midnight movie era and still are talked about today.

In chapter 1, “The ‘D’ Word” definitions, ‘obligations’ and functions it is stated that “documentaries of social representation stake a claim on a certain kind of truth.” In my documentary some movies were said to be based off of the hippie era. These movies made fun of them, but the directors said it wasn’t to be cruel. The movies in the documentary all have their own way of going about making something happening in the world into something people can laugh about. Although, some people did have a problem with the way these directors made their movies, but like I said before they made the movies more for themselves rather than others.

The chapter also discusses reflexive documentaries which “call attention to the process at work – chiefly the shooting, editing and compilation, but also possibly issues such as funding.” In my documentary two directors of “Pink Flamingo” and “Eraserhead” talk about how long it took them to shoot their movie because of the lack of money they had for funding the movie. In “Eraserhead,” the director talks about how in one scene the guy is opening the door and then it cuts to him being in the room. The scene where he is in the room was taken a year later from the scene where he was opening the door. This was because their wasn’t enough money to keep filming. The director of “Pink Flamingo,” said some of his props like the trailer they used was from a junk yard because they needed to stay in their budget. Even though it may have taken them long to make their movies they both still were a success.

Now having knowledge about how much time and effort it took to make these midnight movies, I have more respect for them.